Why are some options grayed out so I can't edit?




  • mlockard

    What about basic "Lock and Unlock Settings" such as the one for "Inactivity Lock Method" that are NOT under the advanced tab?  I was allowed to set the duration of this setting when I installed this, but the setting is nowhere near the level I need.  It is set for 30 seconds, which is NOT usable.  I want to use a higher setting, and this is not advanced or enterprise

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  • GateKeeper Support Team


    We apologize for the inconvenience. You are correct; this lock setting was not supposed to be disabled. The Inactivity Lock Method is enabled in the latest version of the Windows GateKeeper Client software v3.8.11. If you are using an older version of the software, please download the latest update from our website, https://gkaccess.com/downloads/

    If you have any other questions or are not able to use this feature, please email us at support@gkaccess.com.


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