Why do I need a USB Bluetooth sensor with my GateKeeper Halberd?



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  • mark.hutton

    This actually contradicts the marketing data that stresses that the Halberd can be used with the built in USB connections. 

    The conditions mentioned in this article also highlights a number of issues with this product (if the built in BT interface cannot be relied upon).

    1. Many major companies lock out UD=SB ports so they cannot be used. In some cases this is limited to software which only blocks external storage, but in some cases the USB ports are blocked with physical port blockers (or are locked away in a panel).

    2. PCs, both desktops and laptops are fitted with a limited number of USB ports (many only come with a few type C sockets - mine currently has four, but three are permanently used). Yet USB connections are used for just about every form of connectivity, laptops no longer come with optical drives or ethernet ports so external USB devices have to be used. Having to connect to a unique port becomes almost impossible. They best that can be done is a socket on the docking station, but this is effectively a hub.

    3. Isn't practical when mobile.

    4. As the marketing blurb says that this will work with the built in USB, the dongle that came with the device has been put in a "Safe" place, and is no longer locatable.

    I have used the Gatekeeper for 7 years now (I am on my third Halberd). It has become flakier and flakier as the years go by. This has only recently become a problem.

    I used to find the phone app really useful, until one day it just stopped.

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